Different Types of Dolls

1. January 2008


Lily Morgan asked:

Most doll collectors are aware of the many different types of dolls that can be collected. However, a newcomer to doll collecting may find that it appears to be quite overwhelming at first. There are plenty of great ways to get started in your doll collecting hobby. If you are really new and not quite sure where to start, try searching the internet for some helpful guides and tips for beginners. There is most likely more to doll collecting that one might assume. Starting off by equipping yourself with useful knowledge is always a safe bet.

Dolls have been around for many, many years. There are many kinds of dolls, some more suitable for collecting than others. Some commonly known dolls are Barbie dolls. Most little girls have a fondness for Barbies which is fun because of the many different Barbies that are put out. It seems that each year there is even more new dolls that were not available in previous years. Some Barbie dolls are made specifically for collecting while most of them are just for fun. Of course that doesn’t mean they can’t be collected, simply that the value will not match that of the dolls designed as collector pieces.

Baby dolls are also very popular among children. They are fun to carry around and play dress up with. Baby dolls can be acquired at most department stores for a low cost. Collecting dolls does not mean that they have to be expensive. A baby doll is a great keepsake long after it has been outgrown. They also make a great item to pass along to future generations.

Cabbage Patch dolls has been popular for several decades now. They come in a variety of little characters, in both male and female gender. Kids enjoy their big smiling faces as well as their soft bodies that make them perfect for a cuddle. Though Cabbage Patch dolls were the most popular in the 1980s, they are still sold today. American Girl is another well known brand of doll that is quickly becoming a favourite collectible. These types of dolls are often found for sale on auction sites like eBay as well as in stores.

Different types of ethnic dolls are a fan favourite among doll collectors of all ages. Every type of ethnicity from Native American to African dolls can be found full dressed in culturally accurate clothing. Collecting a doll from each ethnicity is a great way to celebrate diversity through your doll collection.

Miniature dolls are for miniature dollhouse collections. Miniatures are more popular than some people realize until it is something that they become interested in. Miniature dolls can be bought or even made at home if it’s something that sounds intriguing to you. They are often that final piece of a fantastic dollhouse.

The type of doll you collect is entirely up to you but it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of all that is out there as options. The best item to collect is the one you really love.

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